Maximizable Links is a web portal allowing users to save, exchange and use weblinks for any purposes. This is a bag to keep your links!
           We live in a world where every one of us uses multiple email addresses, social media accounts, internet browsers, search engines, and news channels. The list goes on and on. While we are enjoying our new technological tools (tools that make us feel technologically advanced, digitally informed, and informationally overloaded), we still utilize something that is old as the internet: web links. We write them down, remember them, save them somewhere and share them with others.
            We built Maximizable Links to help you save, categorize and group links with attached comments. Links can be shared with any web user by sharing an instantly generated access code. Users can create LinkiBooks (reference files with links and comments created on the fly) to share with other web users with or without a free LinkiBag account. This makes the platform great for conducting presentations, teaching courses, saving research data or to save things such as websites with jokes, recipes, or interesting news. Get your free Maximizable Links account today.